Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dive Grenada's Boat looking Good!

Dive Grenada's custom built dive boat 'DG2' has been to the dry dock for her annual 'Spa Treatment'which included a full 'anti fouling' treatment for below the waterline and her hull buffed up and waxed. Most importantly we have invested in a very ergonomic ladder that works like a step ladder with hand rails. We have increased the angle of the ladder so its position makes for very easy entry and egress to the boat. This is great for divers and snorkelers in Grenada that find the vertical ladders of other dive boats a real challenge,especially in choppy seas.Dive Grenada is proud to be investing in its business for the future and want to welcome all new divers to visit Grenada and see how good our Scuba Diving is here. Check us out

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