Friday, December 23, 2011

Dive Grenada Trip Advisor - Review 2011

Just like to share a nice comment from a customer who dived with Dive Grenada earlier in 2011:

Probably the best dive shop on planet earth!!!!! Every detail of this shop helps to distinguish it from the competition. From the amazing location, to the knowledgeable staff, the clean well maintained boat, and the smaller groups (usually no more than 8). I enjoyed the personalized service, and the commitment to safety, proactively ensuring that every individual on the boat was not only getting the diving experience they desired, but would return form that experience unharmed!

I can't believe that I've read a negative comment on this sight based on there being too much focus on safety. Being a world traveled PADI Instructor I applaud this shop for adhering to safety guidelines, this is how they insure everyone comes back in the same condition as they left!!!!!

I have nothing but incredible things to say about Phil, Helen, Gary, Neal, and Kojak, and have been talking about my time in Grenada nonstop since I returned, you would be hard pressed to find a finer group of people anywhere!