Sunday, October 18, 2009

All in one go!

Yesterday, Christina (a regular diver with us) was celebrating her birthday, and as such, requested the morning dive to be 'Shark Reef.' The second dive, we decided, would be Kahonee.

Shark Reef is a lovely drift dive on the Atlantic side of the island.
Kahonee is a beatiful shallow dive, made up channels that run through the site. This site lies on the west coast of the island, in the Caribbean waters.

Within minutes of entering the water on their first dive, they came upon a large Green turtle. Through-out the course of the dive, they went on to see a massive Spotted eagle ray, magnificent sea urchin and a Hawksbill turtle.
On the second dive they saw another Hawksbill turtle and a baby green turtle.

Needless to say, they all came back to shore full of smiles - Just another day diving in the sunny Caribbean, with Dive Grenada.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grenada's Underwater Sculpture Park

Phil Saye, owner of Dive Grenada, is leading the action group for the regeneration and the future development of Grenada's very unique Underwater Sculpture Park. The park is ideal for both snorkellers and divers and lies in a beautifully scenic bay along the west coast of the island.

The underwater Sculpture Park was originally designed by Jason Taylor, an English sculpture and personal friend to Phil. It was created in an effort to reduce the environmental pressure from diving and snorkelling on other sites in the Marine Protected Area.

The sculpture park was a complete success, and a variety of marine life repopulated the Marine Protected Area (in which the sculpture park is situated.) However, a recent storm struck the island in 2008, and many of the sculptures were badly damaged.

To begin his attempt to regenerate the park, Phil Saye has begun to 'clean up' the area. He has removed some pieces of sculptures that were not savable and dug up those that were buried by sand, such as Grace Reef. He is also in the process of organizing new and more sculptures to be placed among the park, which hopefully, with the help of the public and authorities will become a reality and rejuvinate our marine life.

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