Sunday, October 2, 2011

Underwater Cleanup 2011

On Friday September 30th 2011, Dive Grenada joined forces with a student led group of St George’s University students (ECO – Education. Conservation. Outreach) and organized an underwater clean up as part of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean Up. The Clean up took place in Dragon Bay, part of Grenada’s Marine Protected Area and showed that not even ‘Protected Areas’ are protected from human derived pollution. Participants included four divers (from both ECO and Dive Grenada), 3 snorkelers (from ECO) and 3 other ECO members. Items of garbage collected including plastic bags and bottles, toys, wrappings, tin cans and beverages, shoes and clothing and even a tire! The most prevalent item were the tin cans and beverages which show that everything on the land ends up in the ocean! The data collected from the cleanup will be recorded and sent to the Ocean Conservancy to be compiled into the International Report for 2011.