Sunday, May 12, 2013

Night Diving in Grenada with Dive Grenada

Another beautiful Night Dive in Grenada with some students from St. Georges University located here in Grenada. It was a lovely starry night with a setting 'smiley cat' moon, a great back drop for our dive on the shipwreck 'Veronica L'. Following a very thorough dive briefing from Phil the owner of Dive Grenada, the students descended onto the wreck to be greeted by the 'night shift' many different kinds of crabs including the very funny 'sponge crab', moray eels and octopus out hunting, we got a lovely image of a Parrot Fish just before he went to bed.....Giant Basket Stars unraveling to catch the nutrients in the current and of course the outstanding bio luminescence that we can see when we switch off our lights - very magical.....

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