Sunday, December 12, 2010

Manta Ray encounter - right outside the dive shop

Dive Grenada had an enviable morning by all ocean lovers, as we were greeted by one of the ocean's giants. We spent the first hour and half of work swiming right outside the office with a Manta Ray that playfully swam in circles around us! He'd gently nudge us with his wing and take sharp turns to suddenly dive down underneath us. At times when we feared that we had seen the last of him, he would suddenly appear, gliding straight towards you. Such a majestic, harmless creature, manta rays are filter feeders and thus contain no teeth. They simply glide near the surface and open their mouths to allow the water that is concentrated with its food of choice (plankton or krill) to flow through its mouth and over its gills. Although they are so harmless, they are unfortunatley being overfished in other parts of the world and so should be protected so that everyone can get the thrilling opportunity that we experience this morning. Days like these at Dive Grenada make work, snorkelling and diving, even that more spectacular! What a wonderful christmas present!!
Tara - Dive Grenada

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